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Postmarc is the creation of a New York City architect inspired by his love of travel and adventure. Each item in the collection is inspired by the unique experiences offered by his trips abroad, from exotic places in Asia to bustling metropolitan cities in Europe.


Established in the Fall of 2011 with a small collection of high quality, lightweight combed cotton sweaters, the brand has expanded to woven shirts, shorts and accessories.


With a keen focus on quality, timeless style, innovation and craftsmanship, Postmarc offers a complete lifestyle collection suitable for the global traveler.

Postmarc 2016-06.jpg
PostMarc Life Style.jpeg
Postmarc 2016-03.jpg
DSC_6945 copy.jpeg
Postmarc 2016-05.jpg
DSC_6979 copy.jpeg
Postmarc 2016-02.jpg
DSC_6962 copy.jpeg
Postmarc 2016-04.jpg
DSC_7021 copy.jpeg
Postmarc 2016-01.jpg
DSC_6866 copy.jpeg
Postmarc 2016-07.jpg
DSCF8098 copy.jpeg
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